Getting to Know About Us and Our Extraordinary Work!


About our online store

We provide clients with superb value, high quality relevant technology, customized systems, superior service and support; giving our clients the freedom to focus on what matters most- their real business.

Fuser Technologies Private Limited is a wholly incorporated Zimbabwean company that has been in operation since 2003. Since inception, the company has grown to become one of the largest distributors of ICT products and consumables drawing from strategic channel distributions and key partnerships with some of the largest global brands ensuring quality of products and services to our clients as well as “in- step” adoption of new technology and systems to keep our clients and end users in the forefront of both new technologies and increase efficacy of security in their cyber ecosystems.

At Fuser Technologies, we pride ourselves in our technical competency as well as our inventory and supply chain; these factors enable us to meet any project requirements within set turnaround times. Our footprint currently covers Harare and Bulawayo; with Harare having two retail as well as a technical service center and Bulawayo having one retail centre. We also have a significant online platform which enables us to deliver client solutions across the country, regardless of location, this, via strategic partnerships with overnight and express freight delivery services.

Our Values

At Fuser Technologies Private Limited, we believe that our people are the driving force behind the business. In order to effectively drive our vision and goals it is imperative that we not only have the right people, but rather, create an environment that fosters creativity, innovation and growth.

Undertaking to have the right people with the right skills, the right professional and personal decorum is the underlying principle that drives our People policy. In line with these beliefs, the company undertakes as a matter of policy, the continuous development of staff with regards to service qualifications and certifications so that our clients are guaranteed to have the best advice on the product information they receive and the acquisition choices they make.

Promoting Culture of Equality and Diversity

Fuser Technologies Private Limited is an equal opportunity employer. The company does and will not discriminate based on race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, non-disqualifying disability, demographic allotment in as far as recruitment, employment and progression are concerned or any other basis as covered by the law. The company commits to uphold the best practice standards as well as the laws and statues of the country. The company will endeavor to make the work place a safe, secure and non discriminate work space for all our employees.

What we really do?

Our Aim is to help our clients with comprehensive, efficient and robust solutions that meet their individual and unique business and personal requirements. We accomplish this through retailing a full spectrum of computer hardware & consumables


Our team of IT Technicians is on hand to provide critical needs assessments for individual and business needs. Our personalized service ensures that you not only have quality products and quick turnaround times, but most importantly, the right products and solutions for your needs.


All in One [AIO] Computers, Desktops, Workstations, Peripherals [External Hard drives, Keyboards, Wireless Keyboards and Mice, Bluetooth Adapters], Laptops, Projectors, projector mounts and screens.


Access Points, Antennas, Cabinets, Mikrotik, PCI/E Adapters, Range Extenders, Routers, Switches, Ubiquiti Networks, Wireless Adapters


Eset Antivirus | Internet & Multi Device Security, Escan Antivirus | Internet & Multi Device Security, Kaspersky Antivirus| Internet & Multi Device Security MICROSOFT OFFICE SUITE, Windows Operating systems for PCs and Servers.

Consumer Electronics

Mobile Phones, Speakers, Flash Drives, Memory Cards, Gaming Accessories, Cameras, Hard drives.


The Company has four qualified I.T Engineers on call to provide support and maintenance care assistance.Our products carry a one year warranty.

Office Hardware & Consumables

Printers, Scanners, All in One’s, Copiers, Printer Cartridges and Toners AFTER SALES.